Machine Craft Limited


Innovation, cutting edge technology, top quality, great service, competitive prices,      solution focused
Who we are:
Innovation, cutting edge technology top quality, great service, competitive prices, solution focused: this is what Machine Craft Limited has been developed to achieve and this is what we deliver. 

When it comes to providing top quality machining solutions not only are we here to help you with every type of job, we really are the next generation in engineering expertise. From repairs and maintenance, through 3D modelling and complex assemblies, to intricate design pieces and whipping up a one-off part on the spot, we have the machinery, the expertise and the time to help you.

What we believe in:
We believe that every job is equally important and to ensure our customer’s needs are met we need to exceed their expectations and go that extra mile. 

Our focus on customer service matched with our expertise and up-to-date technology mean we can meet the needs of even the most intricate job.  We aim to meet every customer’s requirement by delivering exactly what they need and that means they will not only keep coming back but also recommend us to others.”  It’s this dedication to every job that ensures all our customers are valued, not just treated like another number.

What's new
Last year we added another machine to our workshop, the Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining Centre, which is the second largest of its kind in South Canterbury. Its heavy cutting and fine surface finishing enables us to create intricate designs or mass produce components or parts – all at the touch of a button.   It’s this type of technology that ensures we stay at the leading edge of engineering solutions.

Machine Craft Limited combines the next generation in engineering expertise with commitment to every job but don’t take our word for it, come and find out for yourself.

CNC Mill

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