integrate automated
assembly and machines

Precision Engineering

At Machine Craft we have the experience, the skill, the machinery and the know-how to produce your high quality, reliable parts.

There are also times you may have a tricky part that needs that extra care and attention, or a difficult problem that requires solving, we do that too.

High Speed Machining

To add value every step of the way we shave off as much time as we can on every job. 

In the engineering business time is money, generally the longer a job takes the more it costs. Therefore, if we can shave time off your job we can save you money. Not every machine shop has this capability but we do and that’s one way we exceed our customers’ expectations.

Component Manufacturing

We have several CNC machines that utilise offline software to produce any part.

What makes this demanding is that it requires the ability to use the right machine for the job.  Machine Craft has the equipment to produce almost any part in a wide range of materials either as a single unit or in the thousands.

Repairs & Maintenance

We can work with you to manage your repairs and maintenance at a level that gives you comfort and security that your equipment will be working at an optimal level for your business needs. 

This is a service we provide which complements the machine shop. The purpose of repairs and maintenance is to keep your expensive equipment running but to also prolong the life of the equipment and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns resulting in expensive downtime.